Moss stitch wrap from gradient yarn


Beauty in simplicity!

The contrasting colors of the gradient yarn balls stand out magnificent on it.

What will you need?

Hook 3,5

Yarn ball 1000 -1200m gradient yarn - YarnArt Flower, Scheepjes Whirl or any similar

Final size: 150 x 70 cm

Crochet schema:


ROW 1: magic ring, ch 2, sc, ch, sc, 2ch, sc, ch, 2sc, turn

ROW 2: Ch 2, sc, ch, sc, ch, sc + ch 2 + sc in chain 2 space , ch, sc, ch, 2sc, turn


  • can be refreshed by swapping sc to dc when changing color


Cut yarn, weave in all ends, block to finished shape.

Enjoy! :-) Sabrina